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Foreclosures 1st Choice: RealtyTrac & 2nd choice: GovernmentAuctions.org

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Bank Foreclosure Auctions and Tax Sale Properties offer a way to acquire their homes at incredible prices, sometimes saving as much as 30% to 90% on the price of their home. For first-time buyers or investors looking to profit from buying, renting out or flipping real estate, foreclosures, preforeclosures and tax sales are the answer.

Pre-foreclosures are homes or property that are about to go into foreclosure. This is where some of the best deals can be made, before they are seen by every real estate broker and buyer on the planet. These are generally negotiated directly with the owner, who is eager to avoid the hassles of foreclosure.

Tax lien and tax deed tax sale properties are also very lucrative investments. Tax liens certificates are risk free and simple because you don't actually take ownership of a property or home. Instead you provide a homeowner a loan, at a good interest rate, so they can pay their land taxes. It's risk free because if for any reason that homeowner defaults on any part of the loan you take immediate ownership of the house. This is how low-middle income people retain nice homes/properties with only a $1,000-$5,000 investment. Expired Tax Liens and Tax Deeds also cover defaulted land taxes, but the difference is you retain the home/property immediately. Further details can be found in the article Tax Sale Properties.

What's important here? The most important criteria in selecting one of these sites are
1) Number of Listings; do they have plenty of listings?
2) Current Listings; do they have the most up-to-the-minute information from banks & sellers? 
3) Detailed Contact, Property and Area Information; do these sites give you the right information to compare properties and make informed profitable decisions?


Reviewed: RealtyTrac       Rating: 10 of 10                        BONUSES

Realty Trac RealtyTrac is considered to be the gateway into the property foreclosure auctions industry. In fact they provide most of the foreclosure statistics to the media (such as CNBC and CNN). It's not just Realty Trac's 1.9 million plus pre-foreclosure, foreclosures, tax sale properties (tax liens and tax deeds described above), FSBO, and Resale MLS that make it appealing. It's also their ability to focus on providing appropropriate property data that allows you to understand the current and potential value of a property, as well as point out any possible red flags. This site is so thorough with relevent foreclosure information many investors buy properties based on this unbiased information. RealtyTrac also provides complete 'buying foreclosures' training/mentoring with daily foreclosure email alerts, so you're aware of the best deals first!

Listings - With a large property listing (<- click to see their listings) of 1.9 million (1.5 million foreclosures) combined with it's depth of relevent, easy access information, make it America's most visited property foreclosure auctions site. An interactive map allows bird's eye property viewing, then drill down for detailed pictures. To see photos of sampled listings (1 house for $1,000 in NE, and 9 under $11,000) click NorthWest, NorthEast, Central, SouthWest, SouthEast.
This site is so well respected it's one of realtors first choice for listing properties and matching price conscious home buyers. There is also a whole section on how to post your own home for sell.

Detailed Property & Neighborhoood Information such as:

  • Interactive map interface; multiple property pictures
  • Each properties foreclosure details, lien and loan history, historic price trends, comparable listings and sales
  • Know property street value and price direction
  • Dynamic searching (eg. find 3 bdrm foreclosures in my ZIP for under $10,000)
  • Know neighborhood/county/state price trends over the last year (click here to see)
  • Guide to finding hidden gem neighborhoods with low housing prices, ready to appreciate quickly 
Contact/Property Info - When it has details on all houses sold in the nearby area within the last year well you can guess that basic contact info will be listed.
  • Section on evaluating the current and potential resale property value

    Bonus - Some Helpful Unique Extras
    • Step-by step tutorial of the foreclosure buying process
    • Portfolio Property Management - Track and compare properties that interest you
    • RealtyTrac Agent Network to assist you in your search
    • Full home improvement section providing tips on increasing property value
    • Education Center on how to profit from foreclosures
    • Free email alerts to get first notice of best property foreclosure auction offers  
    • Free access to your credit score to calculate your borrowing leverage
    • Free issues of Foreclosure News Report (voted best Newsletter by the Association of Real Estate Editors) and free Monthly Bank Foreclosure Auctions Reports
    Price: FREE membership with this form -> Realty Trac FREE Membership.

    Even if you cancel membership and pay nothing, keep Foreclosure News and Foreclosure Reports and these included Bonuses, currently sold for over $100.

    RealtyTrac did not engage in any of the shady or questionable practices we've seen on some sites.


    Reviewed: GovernmentAuctions.org        Rating: 8.8 of 10     BONUSES

    bank foreclosure auctions and preforeclosures Government Auctions is a one-stop-shop site which consistently has newest listings including preforeclosures, foreclosures and tax sale properties (tax liens and tax deeds). It also has extensive non-government For Sale By Owner (FSBO) lists so you have the widest range of discounted houses from the widest range of sources, and never pay realtor fees again.  

    Listings - More listings = good; fewer listings = bad. Two types of listings included. The first is a list of every upcoming real estate auction in your area from all bankruptcies and government agencies. It has detailed info on local, state/province, and federal auctions listed in the US & Canada. The second list or sublist contains every individual preforeclosure, foreclosure, FSBO (sale by owner) and tax sale properties. We counted over 500,000 property listings, including banks and FSBO (For Sale By Owner). Each has property details and most have pictures of the property. If you're trying to make or save money, and want the largest number of choices, then this is your one stop dream site. The only reason it is has been reduced to a 9 from 10 is because it doesn't have the depth of information per property and foreclosure training/mentoring that foreclosure.com has (see above). For general foreclosure listing information along with other types of government auctions for vehicles and merchandise this site remains untouchable.

    Preforeclosures and Tax Sale Properties - Many hidden gem listings here! This is where you can really do well buying discounted distressed houses, often for under $2,000.

    Contact/Property Info - Too many of the auction sites don't provide contact info; again, these guys get it right. Almost every listing has direct contact info: name address, phone number, etc.

    Bonus - With purchase using any link on this page they are also providing a voucher worth more $400 for a 3 day stay in one of any 60 Resorts in the US, Mexico and Hawaii (not a time share promotion or anything like that). We grabbed ours and used it. This alone paid for our membership many times over.

    Price: FREE GovernmentAuctions.org Limited Time Membership

    Even if you cancel your membership and pay nothing, keep the $400 Resort Voucher and these included Bonuses.

    GovernmentAuctions.org did not engage in any of the shady or questionable practices we've seen on many of the sites.

    Seized Properties Live News

    GOVERNMENT SEIZED PROPERTIES - Yahoo News Search Results
    Updated :

    Update: Get new procedures in place before auctioning off seized properties
    While the Department of Revenue and Taxation should enforce the law on seizing property from delinquent taxpayers, the agency shouldn't move forward with efforts to sell those properties until it updates auction procedures.
    Publ.Date : Fri, 25 Jul 2014 10:15:19 -0700

    US report says religious freedom in Cuba is bad but getting better
    Cuban government restrictions on religion remain severe although they have been eased on several fronts over the past year, according to the U.S. State Department’s annual report on freedom of religion around the world.
    Publ.Date : Mon, 28 Jul 2014 21:22:20 -0700

    Feds to Romanian bunker builders: We're taking your gold
    Having returned Radu and Diana Nemes to their native Romania – where they’re accused of duping the government out of $68 million in taxes – federal prosecutors in Seattle have asked that the spoils of the investigation be forfeited to the U.S. government.
    Publ.Date : Tue, 19 Aug 2014 08:10:14 -0700

    Charges dropped, house still seized as proceed of crime
    When police stormed a house on a quiet Oshawa street in August 2006, they thought they had hit the jackpot: Ounces of cocaine, Oxycotin pills, ecstasy, hashish and cash. They boasted of the bust in press releases, but almost three years later, the charges against the residents of the house were quietly dropped. Yet Denis and Margaret Deneault weren’t off the hook. Even though they were never ...
    Publ.Date : Wed, 20 Aug 2014 03:10:55 -0700

    Christians face 'growing harassment' in post-breakup Sudan
    Church properties have been bulldozed and seized in a climate of growing harassment of minority Christians in Islamist-run Sudan since the south's 2011 independence, its council of churches said. Kori Elramla Kori Kuku, general secretary of the Sudan Council of Churches, told AFP that harassment has been on the rise ever since the separation three years ago of South Sudan, whose population ...
    Publ.Date : Thu, 24 Jul 2014 07:22:43 -0700

    Feds seek to auction gold, guns, snakeskin coats seized from couple extradited to Romania
    Federal authorities are seeking to auction off silver goblets, snakeskin coats, a dozen guns and hundreds of gold coins seized from a former Washington state couple who have been extradited to Romania to face tax evasion charges.
    Publ.Date : Tue, 19 Aug 2014 10:54:33 -0700

    Zimbabwe a disaster, says ANC stalwart
    ZIMBABWE is a disaster today, thanks to its chaotic and violent land reforms, ANC secretary general Gwede Mantashe, said this week as he assured South African farmers their land would not be seized forcibly and without compensation.
    Publ.Date : Thu, 14 Aug 2014 23:59:08 -0700

    Amoateng’s mother weeps over confiscated properties
    The joy of Eric Amoateng’s family about his final release from Ghana police cells has been cut short by news of the confiscation of his entire estate in the country.
    Publ.Date : Mon, 11 Aug 2014 17:45:14 -0700

    Honduras seizes 50 properties from alleged drug gang
    Honduran authorities on Monday said they seized more than 50 properties that they allege belong to a drug trafficking gang as the country's new government steps up its battle against organized crime linked to Mexican cartels. The properties were linked to the Los Valle gang and most of the raids took place near the Guatemalan border where drug traffickers are suspected of moving tons of cocaine ...
    Publ.Date : Mon, 18 Aug 2014 13:10:06 -0700

    US Imposes Sanctions on Alleged Honduran Drug Gang
    The United States on Wednesday imposed sanctions on a Honduran group it alleges is responsible for smuggling tens of thousands of kilograms of cocaine each month into the United States. The U.S. Treasury Department said the group, called Los Valles, is one of the most prolific drug trafficking organizations in Central America. The Treasury also targeted four businesses it said the gang used to ...
    Publ.Date : Wed, 20 Aug 2014 10:34:40 -0700

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    Property Foreclosure Auctions Live News

    Updated :

    U.S. Foreclosure Activity Increases 2 Percent in July According to RealtyTrac Foreclosure Market Report
    RealtyTrac® , the nation's leading source for comprehensive housing data, today released its U.S. Foreclosure Market Report™ for July 2014, which shows foreclosure filings -- default notices, scheduled ...
    Publ.Date : Wed, 13 Aug 2014 21:01:00 -0700

    DealBook: Delinquent Mortgage Bonds Are Attracting Investors
    The recovery in housing is creating a market for bonds that are backed by the mortgages on homes on the verge of foreclosure.
    Publ.Date : Wed, 13 Aug 2014 01:43:43 -0700

    Ocala area tops charts of foreclosure rates nationwide
    The Ocala metropolitan area had the dubious distinction during July of registering the highest foreclosure rate in the country — four times the national average.
    Publ.Date : Wed, 13 Aug 2014 16:03:31 -0700

    Housing foreclosures still profitable for investors
    While still smaller when compared to the heyday of the mortgage-backed securities market before the financial crisis, demand is expected to grow as institutional investors search for yield and analysts estimate that there are still billions worth of delinquent mortgages in the U.S.
    Publ.Date : Sat, 16 Aug 2014 21:05:25 -0700

    RealtyStore Finds Unlisted REOs Hamper Foreclosure Inventory Reduction
    Foreclosure inventory continues to shrink overall, but at significantly different rates on a regional basis. Washington D. C., Louisiana, Montana and Washington state lead their respective regions in the percentages of REO properties held, but not yet listed for re sale. These unlisted REOs impede further foreclosure inventory reduction. (PRWeb July 31, 2014) Read the full story at http://www ...
    Publ.Date : Thu, 31 Jul 2014 02:57:00 -0700

    Hedge Funds Boost Bad-Loan Prices as U.S. Sales Increase
    Sales of U.S. delinquent mortgages are accelerating as lenders rush to meet demand from hedge funds and private-equity firms that has sent prices surging.
    Publ.Date : Mon, 11 Aug 2014 02:08:58 -0700

    Banco Comercial Sees Portuguese Property Drawing More Investment
    Portugal’s real estate market has rebounded since May as investors vie for discounted assets and economic growth returns, said Miguel Maya, an executive board member at Banco Comercial Portugues SA, Portugal’s biggest listed bank.
    Publ.Date : Fri, 01 Aug 2014 02:55:52 -0700

    Investors Profit From Foreclosure Risk on Home Mortgages
    The recovery in housing is creating a market for bonds that are backed by the mortgages on homes on the verge of foreclosure.
    Publ.Date : Tue, 12 Aug 2014 17:23:56 -0700

    Investors swoop on bad home loans in never-ending hunt for returns
    Rises in housing prices have been profitable to private equity firms and institutional investors that bought foreclosed homes to flip them or to rent them out. Now the recovery in housing is fueling a niche market for newly minted bonds that are backed by the most troubled mortgages of them all.
    Publ.Date : Wed, 13 Aug 2014 21:29:59 -0700

    DealBook: Delinquent Mortgages Attracting Investors
    The recovery in housing is creating a market for bonds that are backed by the mortgages on homes on the verge of foreclosure.
    Publ.Date : Tue, 12 Aug 2014 17:38:18 -0700

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